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Facts & History

Facts & History

CUI Islamabad was established in 1998 to promote Information Technology and to reduce the ever-growing gap between the developed and developing world through useful applications of science and technology. During the first year of its establishment, the Institute offered only a few certificate courses and a postgraduate diploma in computer studies with a single class room and limited resources. Islamabad Campus of CUI is situated at Chak Shahazad, Islamabad. Currently more than 7,908 students are enrolled in various degree programs at this Campus.

Islamabad Campus provides what a discerning student is looking for in a learning environment, academic excellence, quality teaching, and constructive leisure activities. We appreciate that it is crucial for today's student to work in a physical environment conducive to study. Here the faculty not only teaches but mentors the young and impressionable minds. The newly built campus is fully equipped with facilities of international standards. It is a marvel of modern architecture surrounded by a lush green environment and peaceful surroundings




Park Road, Tarlai Kalan,
Islamabad, Pakistan