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Message of the In-charge Transport

We maintain a steadfast and secured transport fleet of vehicles to provide safe, sustainable, integrated and efficient transportation facility to all CUI stakeholders especially to our students on 21 x different routes of Rawalpindi/Islamabad from their residents to campus and back. Aligned with demand and supply of university transport requirements, transport office service is committed to providing environment friendly transport service.

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Detail of stops (Islamabad and Rawalpindi)

Route # 1

F-11 Markaz Hamza Chowk, F-11 Khokha Stop, F-11 Golra More, E-11 Signal (Main Margalla Road), Jugnu Stop, E-11 Service Road, F-10 Roud about, F-9 DCI, E-9 P.A.F Complex Gate, E-9 Shaheen Chowk, E-8/F-8 Madina Market, Zafar Chowk, E-7/F-7 Faisal Chowk, F-7 Rana Market, F-7 Parbat Road Signal, F-6 Flower Market, F-6 Press Club, Poly Clinic, Lal Masjid Chowk, G-6 Street No. 56.

Route # 2

G-11/2 Apple School/Markaz, G-11/3, Allahdin Apartment, G-10/G-11 Round About, G-10 Umer Market, G-10 Buland Market.

Route # 3

G-10/3-4 Signal, G-9/1, Street No.44, G-9 Markaz/GPO, G-9 Alfalah Bank, G-9 Qazafi Chowk, G-9 Bohar Masjid, G-8/1 Flats/Markaz, G-8 Jehlum Road, G-8 Noori Gate, G-8/4 Round About.

Route # 4

Serena Hotel, G-6 Abpara Market, G-6/1 Street No. 34, G-6/1-2 Stop, G-7 Iqbal Hall, G-7 Markaz Sitara Market, G-7 Bank Colony, G-7 Zero Point.

Route # 5

I-8/3 Signal, I-8 College Stop, I-8 Markaz, I-8/4 Street No. 85, I-8/3 Tanki Stop, I-8 College More, Wapda Flats, I-9 School Stop, I-9 Street No.37, Ali Medical, I-9 Street No.58, I-9 Street No.35, Faiz-Ahmed-Faiz, Khayaban-e-Johar, I-9 Java Hotel, I-9/1 Street No.18, I-9/1 Sui Gas Chowk, Pindora Chungi, Double Road/IJP Road.

Route # 6

I-10/4 Street No.30, Social Welfare Medical Centre, I-10 Tanki Stop, I-10 Markaz, I-10/2 Street No.10 (Stop at St No. 34 & 11), I-10/2 PSO Pump Stop, I-10/1 Lahore More/Mandi More, I-10/1 Near Street No. 14, CDA Stop/IJP Road, IJP Road/O-H Bridge, Faizabad.

Route # 7

National Market, Kali Tanki, Haidery Chowk, College Chowk, Siddique Chowk, Katarian Chowk, Katarian Chungi.

Route # 8

Faizabad, Shamsabad, 6th Road, Rehmanabad, Sadiqabad, Chandni Chowk, Islamic Centre, Center Hospital, Naz Cinema, Waris Khan, CNG Stop, Committee Chowk, Liaqat Bagh, Medical College, Sir Syed Chowk, Masjid Stop, Fauji Tower.

Route # 9

Ziarat Stop, EME College, Motorway Chowk, G-15 (Main Gate), G-14 Kashmir Highway, G-13 (IBA Chowk), PSO Pump Near NUST Gate.

Route # 10

Golra More/Hajj Complex, Koh-e-Noor Mill Stop, Old Daewoo Stop, Pirwadhai More, Under Pass, Choor Chowk, Lane No. 05, Chairing Cross, Valley Road.

Route # 11

Askari XI, Qasim Market Roomi Park, G.P.O Saddar.

Route # 12

Biscuit Factory Chowk, Quaid-e-Azam Colony (Lane No. 01), Ahmadabad, Jhawra, Wapda Gate, Kalma Chowk, Harley Street (Drop Only) Shaheen CNG (Pick Only), Kachehri Chowk.

Route # 13

Chungi No. 22, C.M.H, 502 Workshop, Jinnah Park, Jhanda Chichi.

Route # 14

Askari XIV, Gulshanabad Markaz, Gulshanabad Gate, Sanjoli State Colony, Jarie Stop, Vision CNG, Bank Stop, Store Stop, Khawaja Corporation, Askari VII, New Lalazar.

Route # 15

DHA Gate No. 03, DHA Gate No. 01, Sehala More, Toyota Motors, High Court/Sawan Ada (Main Stop), DHA No. 01/Fauji Foundation, Al-Shifa Hospital, Morgah More, New Lala Zar.

Route # 16

Rawat Main Stop, Khokhar Plaza Rawat, T-Chowk, DHA Gate No. 07, Kak Pull, Bhander, Naval Anchorage, Sowan Garden.

Route # 17

Bahria Town Ace Academy, Street # 6, Bahria More, Al Noor Pharmacy, Lilux Beauty Parlour.

Route # 18

London Bakery,Rahat Bakery,PWD Barriar, Pakistan Town and Gulberg Stop.

Route # 19

Scheme-III Commercial Market, Askari 1 & 2, Ammar Chowk, Rahimabad, Airport Signal Stop, Shah Khalid Colony, Fazal Town, Gulzar-e-Quaid.

Route # 20

Gangal East, Karal Chowk, Gangal West, Fizaia Colony, TCS Service Road, Chattry Chowk, Khanna Pull, Mizail Chowk, Kurri Road, Iqbal Town, Dhok Kala Khan.

Route # 21

Bara Kahu, Abbasi Hotel, Malpur, Bari Imam More, Kashmir Chowk, Margalla Town (Service Road), Rawal Dam.

Transport Office Team

As a formal functionary body of CUI administration, Transport Office is running with multi-tasks operations and functions formulated in two following main areas;

i. Administrative Unit

An administrative unit Transport Office is functioning under supervision of In-Charge Transport followed by 03 x clerical/office staff members and officials;

Azhar-Ul-Hassan Jafri

In-Charge Transport

Direct: 051-9049-5938

Extension: 5938


Mr. Bilal Bashir

Senior Administrative Assistant (Student Coordinator)

Direct: 051-9049-5932

Extension: 5932


Mr. Muhammad Aftab

Estate Assistant

Direct: 051-9049-5933

Extension: 5933


Mr. Muhammad Arif


Direct: 051-9049-5933

Extension: 5933

ii. Operational Unit/Transport Yard

A operational unit of Transport Office is functioning under supervision of In-Charge Transport followed by following 02 x staff persons;

Mr. Saeed Ahmed

HTV Driver (Yard Supervisor/ Student Coordinator)

Direct: 051-9049-6128

Extension: 6128

Mr. Muhammad Imran

Bus Helper (Yard Supervisor/ Student Coordinator)

Direct: 051-9049-6128

Extension: 6128

For more assistance/information and any query regarding transport office/service/routes etc. you may contact on following contact numbers during office/business hours;

Routes/Buses/Transport Service Information;

051-9049-5932 Ext: 5932
051-9049-6128 Ext: 6128 

General Information/Complaints;

051-9049-5932 Ext: 5932
051-9049-5933 Ext: 5933 



Park Road, Tarlai Kalan,
Islamabad, Pakistan