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Health Care

In order to deal with unforeseen situations, CUI has arranged for medical/health facilities at all of its campuses. In this regard, Medical Centre at CUI Islamabad was established in 2007 which maintains a formulary of life saving drugs and other essential drugs that are provided free of cost to the employees and students of CUI. There are three Medical Officers, two staff nurses and two nursing assistants. The services offered include consultation, first aid management/vital signs monitoring, nebulization, random blood sugar testing with glucometer, E.C.G., dressings/cut wound stitched, securing haemostasis in case of bleeding from nose/deep wounds, stabilizing patients in case of hypo or hypertension/shock, counseling/psychotherapy, ambulance services, minor surgical procedures, three beds for observation (separate for Male & Female patients).

There are different types of emergencies dealt at CUI Islamabad medical centre few of which are minor emergencies, fainting/unconsciousness/fits, SOB (signs of breathlessness), minor RTA’s (Road Traffic Accidents), chest pain (first aid before shifting to hospital), dehydration/vomiting, and allergies, etc. The medical center has the necessary medicines available in stock which are donated by different sources to CUI.



Park Road, Tarlai Kalan,
Islamabad, Pakistan