Health Care

Number of patients in Fall 23: 7069



Health Care

Inam-ul-Haq Medical Center

CUI Islamabad Campus Medical Centre was established in 2007 as a first aid facility. The goal of this Medical Centre is to treat its Employees, Students & Faculty members in the most effective manner possible in light of available resources and competing needs & maintains a formulary of life saving drugs and other essential drugs that are provided free of cost to the employees and students of CUI.

The medical center which started with only one medical officer now employs three Medical Officers, three trained nurses & two para-medical staff. The facility has three beds for observation & 2 Ambulances catering to serious patients who are referred to tertiary-care hospital. The Medical Centre now offers the following free services.

  • Consultation & Emergency Medication
  • Vitals monitoring
  • Antiseptic dressing
  • ECG
  • Trauma/Burn/ Anaphylaxis/Insect bite management
  • BSR (Blood Sugar Random) with glucometer
  • Nebulization
  • I/V rehydration (Intravenous)
  • In addition to this we are providing healthcare awareness, lectures on epidemics and giving first aid training to Students & Staff regularly.
  • CWC (Counselling & Wellness Centre)
  • Dental Services to serve the institute.
There types of emergencies which can be dealt at the medical centre include minor emergencies, i.e. fainting/unconsciousness, SOB (shortness of breath), minor RTA’s (Road Traffic Accidents), chest pain (first aid before shifting to hospital), dehydration/vomiting, and allergies, etc.

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