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Scholarship and Assistanceship


Scholarship and Assistanceship

“All types of Fee Waiver being given to the needy / deserving students by CUI so far have been eradicated with immediate effect”


COMSATS University Islamabad has ascertained the following program to facilitate the needy / deserving students of CUI named “Financial Support Programs (FSPs)”. This program will financially support various categories of students of CUI in the form of financial support, scholarships and stipends. The institute (CUI) takes special care of its deprived students and not only gives them eminent education but also keeps a bird’s eye on their financial concerns and plays vital role to resolve them so that the students may not face any obstacle in the way of education.

CUI Pecuniary for Students

“CUI Financial Support Programs (FSPs)”

The COMSATS University Islamabad is committed to ensure Financial Assistance to needy students through Taleem Fund which is financed through monthly contribution by the CUI and its employees. Financial Assistance is available to all students who prove to be needy regardless of race, religion, color, national origin, age, sex, or handicap.

The Financial Support Programs will be financed out of “CUI Taleem Fund” only.

Following schemes are implemented for the CUI Financial Support Programs.


1. Need Based Financial Support Program (NBFSP)

(a) Financial Assistance Program

CUI is committed to support the “poor” students to pursue their academic excellence. There are so many students who cannot afford the CUI fee because of their poor financial background. It has been therefore, decided that Financial Assistance should be provided to students, who demonstrate their weak financial position, on need basis. The magnitude of the Financial Assistance, in terms of amount, may be decided (by the Financial Support Programs Committee) considering the need of the applicant. It is expected of the students who are awarded CUI financial support that they would show Good academic performance, are regular in classes and demonstrate good personal behavior.

(b) Qarz-e-Hasna Program

There could be another category of students, who may be termed as “needy” students. Qarz-e-Hasna (interest free loan) will be advanced to these students. Qarz-e-Hasna will be advanced to the students only after completion of the first semester with a good academic standing and at least 80% class attendance in the last semester and no disciplinary case/ action against them. Guarantees will be required for the award of (Qarz-e-Hasna).

CUI Pecuniary Program (CPP)
Kinship / Siblings Pecuniary

When two or more siblings are concurrently students of CUI, their parents have to pay the fee of all of them. The siblings will be financially supported to lessen the burden of their parents. Unlike previous practice of providing 50% fee waiver to one of the siblings, a financial support to be determined by the committee but not more than Rs.8000/- per semester will be provided to all the siblings provided the parents cannot afford to pay the fee and the students show good academic performance.

Note: Applications will be considered for only one financial support at a time.



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