Students are provided transport facility on the specified routes with 13 busses of 64 seats, 1 coaster having capacity of 29 and 4 Hiace each having capacity of 16. University also facilitates the students by hiring the busses from the private sector. The campus can be accessed comfortably from anywhere in Islamabad and Rawalpindi by public transport.

Students at a Glance

  1. Established in 1998
  2. Currently more than 7,908 students are enrolled

Lecture Rooms

  1. 74 spacious lecture theatres, with a total covered area of 49,318.81sq ft.
  2. Each theatre has a capacity for 100-120 students
  3. All lecture theatres are IT enabled, air-conditioned, well furnished, and well maintained.


  1. 50 laboratories
  2. More than 1,100 computers
  3. Major Laboratories are Electronics, Microprocessor, VLSI and DSP and Biosciences laboratories.