1. MBA Executive
  2. Master's in Public Administration (MPA)
  3. Master's in Computer Sciences (MCS)
  4. Master's in Business Administration
  5. MS in International Relations
  6. MS in Linguistics & Literature (RS) and GIS more →


  1. Bachelor of Business Studies(BBS)
  2. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration BS(BA)
  3. Bachelor of Computer Science BS(CS)
  4. Bachelor's in Software Engineering BS(SE)
  5. Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering BS(EE)
  6. Bachelor of Science in Psychology more →

How to Apply

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Available Online and Free of Cost

  1. Undergraduate: Undergraduate Prospectus 2015-2016
  2. Graduate: Graduate Prospectus 2015-2016 more →

Scholarship & Assistanceship

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology has ascertained the following program to facilitate the needy / deserving students of CIIT named “Financial Support Programs (FSPs)”. This program will financially support various categories of students of CIIT in the form of financial support, scholarships and more →

International Students

CIIT welcomes international applicants for admission to its various degree programs. For this purpose special seats have been reserved for foreign students in each discipline at Islamabad campus . Currently, foreign students from countries like Syria, Iran, ASEAN countries, Afghanistan, Indian part of Kashmir etc are enrolled in different degree programs of CIIT. Concrete efforts are also being made by CIIT to attract foreign students for admission in CIIT for different undergraduate and graduate programs e.g. Middle East and Gulf regions. So to support such efforts, CIIT participates at various International Education more →

Admissions at a Glance

  1. Established in 1998
  2. Currently more than 7,908 students are enrolled

Lecture Rooms

  1. 74 spacious lecture theatres, with a total covered area of 49,318.81sq ft.
  2. Each theatre has a capacity for 100-120 students
  3. All lecture theatres are IT enabled, air-conditioned, well furnished, and well maintained.


  1. 50 laboratories
  2. More than 1,100 computers
  3. Major Laboratories are Electronics, Microprocessor, VLSI and DSP and Biosciences laboratories.